Monday, June 19, 2017

Expressive emotion poems.

Today we explored poetry. Emotion poems were our focus, using colour and our five senses as a basis. We are pretty impressed with our efforts. Sit down and have a read.


Hate is dark red,
The taste of deep loneliness,
The smell of anger,
I just can't open my eyes to what I have created,
I hear the whispers of those I have hated, broken and left feeling what I feel,
I am trapped in the cage of the souls I have hurt.

- Cheyenne


Envy is green
Tastes like sour lime and dreadful broccoli,
The scent of waste and pollution,
A display of darkness, all over your body,
Searching for desperate needs and desires,
Disappointment with sharp thorns, prickling your heart with dismay!


Watch this space - more to come ........


  1. These poems are amazing!! What talented writers you have in your class Mrs Cooney :)

    From Miss Jackson

  2. What amazing writing Room 20 i look forward to reading more poems!

    Miss Yirrell

  3. Kia orana Room 20, what amazing and powerful poems you have here. We would love to read more of your talented poems. Keep up the excellent work! xx Room 9B