Saturday, March 11, 2017

Fantastic Friday Water Sports

Last Friday (the 10th of March) Miss Vaotu'ua decided to put on a day of water activities for the whole school. This allowed us to work as a team and develop relationships with others in our class in an environment outside our classroom. Everyone dressed up in the colours which were allocated to their classes. Room 20 was given blue and so we all tried to wear blue when it was our turn to go out for the activities.
Mahdi makes a "splash"!!
The first activity was the water obstacle course. Everyone lined up and waited excitedly, and for some anxiously,for their turn, not knowing how hard it would be or how wet they were going to get.  Some were a little anxious as Mrs Cooney took photos and Mrs Greenslade supervised the children going on to the obstacle course. This activity was not as easy as it looked because you had to climb up a steep climbing wall to get to the top of the slide. Once you were there it was easy to lie down and enjoy the journey to the bottom where there was a pool of water. In the middle of the time at the obstacle course there was a loud screeeeeeam - and down the slide came ........ you guessed it!!!! Mrs Greenslade!!!
A fun day for the children??

The second activity was the hurdle race. The aim, to fill a cup with water, run and jump over hurdles and tip the water into a container at the end. This was easy but you had to be careful as the ground was wet and slippery and if you fell over - you lost your cup of water!! Mr Barratt came to have a look, but didn't come close as he didn't want to get wet. Mason thought that Mr Barratt should get a little damp, so he asked if he could have a photo (just so he could cuddle up to Mr Barratt to make him wet!!)

Mason, sneakily trying to get Mr Barratt wet!!
The third activity was the same as the last but used a sponge instead of a cup. This was a little easier as we did not have to weave between poles like we did after the hurdle part of the last race.

The final activity was Rob the Nest. This was a great activity to have at the end as it was action packed and fast. Everyone all warmed up and dried off with this activity before heading back to class to get changed.

We had a great afternoon. The sound of laughing and chattering voices, whistles and bells, filled the air. Time goes quickly when you are having fun and the afternoon seemed to fly by. Having the day certainly made us super excited for Year 5 EOTC Week and Year 6 Camp and now everyone is looking forward to those adventures in a few weeks.
It's raining???
The last few minutes before we had to leave
the Water Obstacle Course.


  1. WOW look like lots of fun. Well done Mrs Greenslade for going down the slide.

    Miss Yirrell

  2. Those are some awesome Water Sports Day photos Room 20. We think Mrs Greenslade was brave going down that slippery slide. Where were you Mrs Cooney?

    Fantastic Fifteen over and out!

  3. OMG Mrs. Greenslade you're one courageous teacher.

  4. A fantastic day that generated lots of learning. Well done to all the helpers.

  5. I wasn't at school for water sports day, but if I were, I'm not sure if I would have been as keen as Mrs Greenslade to go down the waterslide! Looks like you all had a lot of fun!